For me, a perfect set is one that tells its own story. In the one second that a girl walks into a room, I want the viewer to know as much as they can about her life through her surroundings. My favourite part of my job is collaborating with the director and parsing their vision through props and paraphernalia. How they see this world, and what would they like for it to say? What feeling do they want to evoke? What journey is this character about to go on, and how can the world of this character help or hinder it?

It is these questions, and theses details, that I have brought into my work as a production designer, on features like Neerja, Akira, Tevar, ABCD, Rann, and in the many advertisements that I have worked on, for brands such as Kinley, Airtel, Idea, Nokia, Standard Chartered Bank, McDonalds, Visa, ICICI Life Insurance, MasterCard, Hero Honda, Volkswagon and Google. My job has even taken me overseas, as I work on the Duane Adler directed feature, Heartbeats. 

I have been doing this since 2003, when I went to work on a Yashraj set, that turned out to be Dhoom. And for me, every project is a new story, new questions to be asked, new research to be done, new stories waiting to be discovered. To me, the process is just as much a gift as the outcome, because I believe that it is a privilege to makes ones living doing something that one loves.

And I love my job. My only question, for any collaborator, is this: Tell me what can’t be done? Tell me the most outlandish aspects of your imagination. Tell me that you want to create that has never been seen before.

And then I get to work, and make it happen.


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